Obama Visits AU

Last week Obama came and gave a speech on immigration policy on campus. He spoke in our brand-new School of International Service building, which was pretty cool. The speech itself didn’t disrupt campus life too much. They closed the SIS building at 5 the day before, and all staff and faculty with offices in that building got the day off with pay (nice!). They also closed off the quad in front of the building and the library.

The closed area of the quad, complete with officers.

I didn’t see any snipers, but two of my co-workers said they did! On my way back from my errand, the police were closing off more of the quad, and they were really freaking me out because they were being so polite. They were like pleading with us, “Please go through this building. Please step off to this side.” It was like they were trying to soothe us because they thought we’d explode into a rage at any minute! But I guess that’s preferable than how the G20 protesters got treated, so in the end, I win!

Vote for my Co-worker Bettina!

California Tortilla is having some sort of contest in which the person with the most votes gets to go to a Word of Mouth Marketing Conference in New York City. My co-worker Bettina is one of the finalists, and she needs your help to win! She’s really cool, and has promised to teach us all the stuff she learns at the conference, so if go and vote for her! You can vote as many times as you like until the contest ends on July 11th (my mom’s birthday!). I’ve already voted like twenty times, so you have some catching up to do!

Here’s the link to vote: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/Supergenius


It’s official – I’m finished with my first semester of graduate school!

I had my Economics final tonight, and I think it went pretty well. At any rate, I’ve made it through a semester of graduate school, and they didn’t kick me out for being too dumb, and the other students didn’t laugh at me, and I didn’t embarrass myself. Success!

Three Things

1. I got the H1N1 vaccine on Friday. AU finally got a shipment in, and they were distributing it free to all staff/faculty/students who were members of a priority group. I got the LAIV (live attenuated intranasal vaccine). They sprayed some stuff up each of my nostrils, and told me I was comletely vaccinated. Hooray! I’m pretty sure I already had the swein flu a few weeks ago (especially since NPR told me that if you had a flu-like illness, it’s almost certain it was H1N1 since swine flu has crowded out the seasonal flu), but I wanted to be on the cautious side since I’m flying home for Thanksgiving. And what I had was awful, so I want to try and avoid getting sick like that ever again!

2. I went running in Rock Creek Park yesterday, and I ran into my very first horse on the trail! It was kind of exciting. Here’s a picture:

3. Walking to church today I saw two black squirrels. They were really cool-looking – totally jet black. A little creepy, but mostly cute.

Aah! It's looking right at me!

Good news!

The interview I had today went really well I think! I was able to remember examples from my life to answer the questions they asked, and I think I had a good rapport with the four women who were interviewing me. I think it would be a fun place to work, and I’m feeling positively about my chances for getting the job.

Feeling better!

Well, I got the flu or something two weeks ago, and I’m just now back to feeling 95% well. It was basically insane. I had a fever for three days, then a sore throat and cough and unhappy tummy for seven days, then I got some antibiotics which helped clear up the sore throat, but I still have a cough. I really hate being sick! But now that I’m feeling better I’ll start posting more things more consistently. Hopefully.

As a start – I have a job interview tomorrow! It’s for an administrative assistant position at AU, and I’m really excited to be interviewing. I know I still probably won’t get the job, but I’m feeling hopeful! I got my hair cut in preparation. I asked the lady to cut off 3 inches, and instead she cut off 5-7 inches, with some pieces of hair being much shorter than the rest. I was unhappy. But I bought a flat-iron and dyed my hiar blonder, and I’m pretty pleased with how it looks now. It’s passably professional! And hopefully tomorrow I will be too!

AU Negotiation Project

I’m part of a club! I’m a joiner!

Wednesday I went to a general information meeting about the American University Negotiation Project. It’s a project that started from a negotiation class. Some of the students wanted to take what they learned to the campus as a whole, and to provide a forum for practicing negotiation skills. Most of the founders were/are members of the International Peace and Conflict Resolution program at SIS.

The AUNP holds several events each semester. Some of them are informational, round-table style events, and others are simulations, where the attendees actually role-play negotiations.

At our meeting, they asked if anyone would like to join the club and help with the planning of the events, and I volunteered. I’m going to be a Budget officer! I told them that I’d need plenty of guidance, since I’m not a financial whiz by any means! The president of the club handled the finances last year, so she’s going to let me know what I need to do. I’ll be helping track the finances of the club and wrangle the food for the events. I think it’s going to be fun!

Plus, it’ll look good on my resume. Having event planning/food procurement experience will be a definite plus. And getting involved with something on campus will be good for my social life, too!