Point Chaud

        A million years ago I went to a restaurant called Point Chaud. It’s technically a creperie, a restaurant that serves crepes.

        I had a chocolate crepe, and a mushroom and spinach crepe, and they were DELICIOUS.

        Check out the chocolate crepe:

        It was FILLED with chocolate. SO good! And the spinach and mushroom:


        It was a little garlicky, but still delicious. I enjoyed the crepes so much that I dragged some friends there and and ate the same crepes again. My friend Sarah got a fruit crepe of some kind that looked good, but I think I’ll stick with my spinach and mushroom and chocolate.


        Actually, writing this post has made me really crave these crepes! I may need to go there tomorrow!

Point Chaud
1736 14th St NW



There is a really cool frozen yogurt store in Columbia Heights that I visited a few months ago called Fro-zen-Yo. It’s kind of a self-service soft-serve bar. Even though it’s colder now, I figure it’s never too cold for frozen yogurt! Unless it’s -10. Then it’s too cold.

Anyway, at Fro-zen-Yo, there are a bunch of machines with different flavors of frozen yogurt, and you pile as much as you like into a bowl.


Then you move to the toppings bar and load up on sprinkles, fruit, candy – whatever you like!


Then you take the delicious dessert to the cashier, and you pay for the yogurt by weight. After paying, you dig in, and become happy! As we all know, it’s been proven (probably) that ice cream creates happiness. Just look at my pals!


DC’s Best Snowman?

We in the DC area had our first significant snowfall last Wednesday.


You may have heard about how about five inches of snow brought our nation’s capitol to its knees. You may have heard about how our city’s transportation authorities (along with MD and VA) were totally unprepared for the snow. You may have heard about the resulting traffic nightmare in which almost everyone’s commute took hours longer than usual, and some people were stuck at a standstill for 13 hours. Fortunately, my commute took about five minutes longer than usual, and I was in my room well before the snow started in earnest. Hooray AU for letting us off work early!

Anyway, this post is not about the horrors of DC commuting. It’s about the adorable snowman I made in our parking lot! Check it out:


Here’s a pic from the snowman’s POV of my window. I like being able to look out at it, although by now it’s pretty melted.


The Corner Gym

One of my favorite things about spring and late summer/early fall is the workout guys. There’s a group of men who use a street corner as their own personal gym, complete with a punching bag, super-push up handles, and the street light for pull-ups. It’s basically awesome!


Of course, they’re not outside any more, since it’s too cold, but I thought a look back to warmer weather would be nice.

Weird Elmo

Driving down the road recently, I passed a daycare center that had paintings of children’s characters on the windows. They were easily recognizable, and it was only after looking at them for a while that I began to see some oddities. Best example: good ol’ triangle-leg Elmo:


Pumpkin Picking at Larriland Farm

Saturday a bunch of Centro Maria residents headed out to Woodbine, Maryland to get some pumpkins at Larriland Farm. After the hour drive, we were really happy to arrive!


We stopped in at the main farm first, where the food, store, and hay maze for the kids was loacted.


The farm was decorated for fall, with giant pumpkins, all kinds of squash, and ghosts and witches and other Halloweeny things.


We were hungry, so we headed over to the concession stand and got some barbecue, some delicious cornbread, and other assorted grilled foods.


After eating, we shopped at the farm’s store. Some of us bought cider, some apple butter, some pumpkin butter, but almost all of us bought fudge!


After making our purchases we headed across the street to pick our pumpkins at the pumpkin patch! There were thousands of pumpkins to choose from, and all of us found pumpkins we liked. The pumpkin I chose was still attached to the vine, so I got to cut it off myself – very fun!


After weighing and paying for our pumpkins, we hit the road and headed back to Centro Maria. I had so much fun, I almost didn’t feel sad about them not having a petting zoo!

Ledo’s Sundays at Mosaic

One thing my church does that I really love is Ledo’s Sundays. The first Sunday of every month, the entire church (whoever wants to, that is) gets together at Ledo’s Pizza to eat lunch together. It’s often loud, and always fun. Unfortunately for me, I despise tomatoes, so pizza is not very appetizing to me. I’ve been trying different things on the menu, trying to see what I like, and last time I struck gold with the chicken tenders and caesar salad. It was just right!


This past Ledo’s Sunday was the weekend my family was in town, so they all came and had a great time getting to know my pastor and other church members (you can see Clare and the top of my mom and Aunt Becky’s head in the picture). I think that events like game night and Ledo’s Sunday, where everyone is welcome, really help to strengthen the relationships between us, and build a strong community.