New Piggies!

So, I know I haven’t written in a while. I also know that these “I haven’t written in a while” posts are really boring, but it’s my blog, so I get to write about why I haven’t written.
So here’s why: My life has been a little bit busy! Not interesting, necessarily, just busy. First thing is I got a real job! It’s full-time at American University, and it’s pretty awesome. I’m the Records Specialist with HR, which means that I file and manage all of the HR/Payroll files for every employee. It lets me do lots of organizing, which is really fun for me. And the people I work with are really fun – I’m really happy in my job!
Second thing is I moved! I live in a real apartment now, like a grown-up! I can cook my own meals in a real kitchen, and I don’t have a curfew, and I can have people over whenever I want. It’s wonderful! I have two roommates, and I love them both. The apartment is big and nice, and the complex is great, and it’s much closer to work so I have a shorter commute.
Third thing is I have two guinea pigs! They are ADORABLE! Check them out:


The one on the right is Celeste, and the one on the left is Sophie. They were so small when I got them – look at how they compare to Charlie, who’s about four years older:


(They were a little scared of Charlie). The pigs are wonderful. They each have their own personalities. Sophie is much more adventurous, and Celeste is still pretty timid. Celeste eats a lot more than Sophie does, but Sophie gets more excited about hay than Celeste. They both love to sleep (in my lap):


Sophie is a PRO at sleeping adorably:


They both love to hang out in their hut:


They are very happy pigs, and Sophie at least runs laps around the cage with happiness at least once a day. It’s been really nice to have young pigs again – it’s been years since I’ve had a pig popcorn (where they get so happy they jump straight in the air and kind of twist), since they outgrow it pretty young. Check out this video of my pigs running around.

So, you can see why I’ve been busy, what with the jobs and the move and the pigs to snuggle. But things are going pretty good right now!

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  1. They are so sweet! The video was too funny! Charlie only runs that fast when she has a cherry tomato to protect! ILYM

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