Georgetown Cupcake 2

About a thousand years ago (and by that I mean a couple months), some friends and I headed down to Georgetown to visit the flagship Georgetown Cupcake.


The line was much longer than the line at the Bethesda location, but it moved pretty quickly.


An employee came by to pass out menus during our wait, which was thoughtful.


Once we got inside, the ordering went pretty quickly (thanks no doubt to having had time to peruse the menu while in line).


I got three cupcakes – caramel apple, chocolate2, and teal velvet (red velvet dyed teal for cancer awareness). They looked lovely, as always.


Cupcakes acquired, we headed to dinner at TGI Friday’s. After eating we tried our cupcakes.


Overall, we loved them! The cupcakes were pronounced delicious by all. Here are the more detailed reviews I gathered from my pals:

Chocolate Ganache Cupcake – “Bitter yet sweet treat – completely chocolate, completely delicious.” -Michelle

Banana Honey – “Like a sweet, creamy banana bread that just melts in your mouth and makes your glands water.” -Shadaye

Caramel Apple – Authentic caramel apple taste, like the caramel in the center; tastes like an apple muffin with caramelly frosting; “Good, sweet but not too sweet, not too strong.” -Maria

Cinnamon – “Fantastic!” -Anna

Toffee Crunch – “Yummy in my tummy, I love you Lauren” – Sarah (quoted verbatim as requested!)

Chocolate Mint – preferred to toffee crunch by Sarah – “Perfect ration of mint to chocolate”

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