Weekend in Wytheville

A few weeks ago my mom called me up and said “Lauren, let’s hang out this weekend!” I said, “Okay. What?” Then she explained that she wanted to meet me halfway between DC and Nashville, which sounded great to me, until we learned that halfway would end up being Wytheville, Virginia. Wytheville has a dark history in our family, dating back to the very first day I arrived in DC.

My dad drove to DC with me, but had to come back to Nashville the same day that we arrived. He took the Greyhound bus, which was going to take thirteen hours to get back to Nashville. When the bus stopped in Wytheville, my dad got out to charge his cell phone. About five minutes before the bus was scheduled to leave, he headed out to board it, only to find out that it was gone! The bus had not only left early, but also without announcing that they were leaving, stranding my dad in Wytheville Virginia, six hours from Nashville! He spent hours on the phone before finding a rental car company in Wytheville that would rent him a car for a one-way trip.

So, we were reluctant to take a family vacation in a place that had such strong negative emotions associated with it, but we decided to press forward. Mom looked on the internet and found a bunch of outdoors things to do, and we were set.

First we decided to check out the Cascades Falls in Pembroke. On the way there we stopped at a restaurant called Friends and Family Restaurant to eat lunch.


They were a yummy meat-and-three, and we were all pleased with our food. I had a really good patty melt and onion rings, Dad had an open-faced roast beef sandwich, Mom got country-fried steak, and Daniel got something that I can’t remember.


The food was all very tasty, but the most interesting thing we got was deep-fried bacon. Yes, you read that right – fried bacon! It came with gravy and syrup for dipping, and we were really excited to try it.


When I tried a piece, however, I could almost feel the grease clogging up my arteries! It was really intensely unhealthy tasting, but Daniel really liked it. He ate almost all of it by himself.

After fueling up we headed over to the falls. It was a four-mile round-trip hike, uphill the entire route to the falls. When we finally arrived at the falls, they were quite nice!


The hike itself was tiring, but the fall leaves were turning colors very prettily, which made the walk beautiful.


After visiting the Cascades we headed to West Virginia to Pinnacle Rock. Pinnacle Rock is basically a giant rock with stairs in the side that you can climb up.


From the top you get a great view of the Pinnacle Rock Park valley.


To complete the trifecta of walking-up-really-tall-things/long-hills, the next day we headed over to Big Walker Lookout, the self-proclaimed highest man-made sightseeing spot in Virginia.


Here’s a picture of Mom that I took from the top of the tower:


As you can see, it’s very tall – Dad counted 202 steps total! Looking out over the countryside from that height was really fantastic – we could see for miles around.



After taking a bunch of pictures, and buying some fudge, we headed back toward Wytheville for our last stop – a pumpkin farm! We visited Williams Orchard to pick out some pumpkins, squash, and other fall vegetables.


The farm was really sweet – they had honey, apple butter, apples, flowers, pumpkins, squash, and more.


After picking out our items and paying, we ate a (very) quick lunch and hit the road. We left Wytheville pretty late, and I was really worried I’d get locked out of Centro Maria, but I ended up getting back in plenty of time. It was a fantastic, relaxing, and fun weekend, and I’m really grateful to Mom for thinking it up.


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  1. I love the trifecta analogy! It certainly was that but what a beautiful time to do all this outdoor stuff! It was a perfect place to meet you and play! No more ‘dark memories’ there, thank God! ILYM

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