Pumpkin Picking at Larriland Farm

Saturday a bunch of Centro Maria residents headed out to Woodbine, Maryland to get some pumpkins at Larriland Farm. After the hour drive, we were really happy to arrive!


We stopped in at the main farm first, where the food, store, and hay maze for the kids was loacted.


The farm was decorated for fall, with giant pumpkins, all kinds of squash, and ghosts and witches and other Halloweeny things.


We were hungry, so we headed over to the concession stand and got some barbecue, some delicious cornbread, and other assorted grilled foods.


After eating, we shopped at the farm’s store. Some of us bought cider, some apple butter, some pumpkin butter, but almost all of us bought fudge!


After making our purchases we headed across the street to pick our pumpkins at the pumpkin patch! There were thousands of pumpkins to choose from, and all of us found pumpkins we liked. The pumpkin I chose was still attached to the vine, so I got to cut it off myself – very fun!


After weighing and paying for our pumpkins, we hit the road and headed back to Centro Maria. I had so much fun, I almost didn’t feel sad about them not having a petting zoo!


One Response

  1. The pictures of the pumpkins on the vine are so neat! How fun! I enjoy seeing the Sister in the pictures too. Where is your pumpkin?

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