Ledo’s Sundays at Mosaic

One thing my church does that I really love is Ledo’s Sundays. The first Sunday of every month, the entire church (whoever wants to, that is) gets together at Ledo’s Pizza to eat lunch together. It’s often loud, and always fun. Unfortunately for me, I despise tomatoes, so pizza is not very appetizing to me. I’ve been trying different things on the menu, trying to see what I like, and last time I struck gold with the chicken tenders and caesar salad. It was just right!


This past Ledo’s Sunday was the weekend my family was in town, so they all came and had a great time getting to know my pastor and other church members (you can see Clare and the top of my mom and Aunt Becky’s head in the picture). I think that events like game night and Ledo’s Sunday, where everyone is welcome, really help to strengthen the relationships between us, and build a strong community.


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