Georgetown Cupcake Pretty Much Lives Up to the Hype


A final thing Mom and I did on her visit was check out Georgetown Cupcake. Mom has heard about them from the TLC show DC Cupcake, and from me, since I read a lot of DC area food blogs. I’d wanted to take her there when she visited in March, but there’s always way too much to do, so it got pushed til this time.

We went to the Georgetown Cupcake in Bethesda Row, since it was more convenient to the hotel, and we figured there wouldn’t be a line (the lines at the flagship Georgetown location are legendary). We were wrong, though – there was a line!


Turns out it was likely a bunch of slowbies who took a thousand years to decide what to order, because once a particular group of girls left, the line moved really quickly.


The inside of the shop is really cute, and the cupcakes looked delicious!


Mom and I ordered four – Vanilla and Chocolate, a Susan G Komen chocolate Pink Ribbon cupcake, Red Velvet, and Chocolate Ganache. The woman working there packed them neatly in a sweet pink box, and we were ready to go.


We took the cupcakes back to the hotel with us for a taste test with Aunt Becky and Clare. The results:
Favorite: Red Velvet
Runner-up: Pink Ribbon cupcake (this was really close!)
We thought the chocolate frosting on the Vanilla and Chocolate was a little too strong, and the Chocolate ganache was too powerful and bitter for our tastes. But man, were the Pink Ribbon and Red Velvet cupcakes delicious! I highly recommend both, and look forward to going back to try some of their other flavors, like Lava Fudge and Salted Caramel.


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