The New SIS Building

The very same Monday mentioned in the last post, Mom and I visited American University’s campus, to see where I work and study, and of course to get some AU merchandise so my family can proudly display that they have someone who attends there. 🙂 That day the parking garage under the brand-new School of International Service (the school my program’s in) had just opened, so of course we parked there.

We cautiously drove down into the depths:

And found a creepily deserted parking garage. Hardly anyone else was parking there – I think I saw maybe one other car that wasn’t a construction vehicle.


Brushing off the creeps, we pressed on and rode the elevators to take a look at the new building.

It seems much bigger once you get inside!


It’s huge – four stories altogether, and full of light. It’s a very modern design, which I love.


The old SIS building is pretty small and cramped – it’s probably a third the size of this building, which is much too small for a school with such a large student body. The Davenport Lounge, the SIS coffee/pastry/hang out place, has been re-located to the new building, and it looks great! Very cozy.


Also Narnia is there.

The building has a great view of the campus, and it makes full use of the view with a huge wall of windows to the buildings northeast.


I think it’s a really great building, and I’m really looking forward to having classes there!


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