Mosaic Game Night!

        Last Friday my church hosted a game night in our lower sanctuary. A bunch of church members came, and we played Scattergories, Blokus, and Apples-to-Apples. As you can see, we had a pretty good crowd for a small church!


The Scattergories game is one to watch. We have some very competitive players at our church, one of whom is our very own Pastor! As you can see below, the game begins quietly.


For those who aren’t familiar with the game, it basically goes like this – roll a die to select a letter, then use one of the game’s lists of words, writing down something that begins wth the letter for each category on the list. For instance, if the letter is “D” and the category is “Things in the Ocean” and your name is Michelle, you would write “dead bodies.” This brings us to another aspect of the game, and the one which produces the most impassioned argument – voting.


As you can see above, if your choice is too ridiculous or far-fetched, the players get to vote on whether to accept it. This is where competitive spirits really kick in, because there is often a lot of shouting – excuse me, “loud discussion and spirited debate.” It’s not entirely objective, either. If you vote “no” on someone’s word, they’re likely to vote “no” on your word the next time you have one come up for debate, so you have to be careful.

To tell the truth, I have decided to avoid Scattergories. I am really, really competitive, to the point where it becomes a problem. It’s more enjoyable for me not to have a dog in the fight, so to speak, and just laugh at the hilarious things people try to get past the other players.

So, since I wasn’t gonna play Scattergories, I decided to try Blokus instead. It’s pretty awesome! The board is a big grid, and each player gets a bunch of pieces composed of interconnected squares that look like Tetris shapes. The game itself is kind of like reverse Tetris, since the object is to put as many of your pieces on the board as possible, but you must connect each of your pieces to each other by a corner, and only by one corner. It was challenging, but also fun! I won one game, but Lyle was the real champ and beat me a bunch of times. Below you can see some Blokus players contemplating their moves.


I had a great time at the game night, and it was really good to get together with my fellow church members and have fun, with no structure. It would be really nice to do this more often!


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