Another Family Visit to DC

This past week I was lucky enough to have four members of my extended family come and visit me in DC. My Aunt Becky, cousin Clare, my Grandma, and my mom spent a long weekend with me. We had a lot of fun, and kept pretty busy, taking in a movie, seeing the monuments at night, visiting Mosaic Nazarene, my church, and just generally catching up.

My Aunt and Grandma stopped in town on their way from Connecticut, where my cousin lives, to Nashville. They three of them arrived in town on Friday night, after what I’ve heard was a nightmarish drive through terrible traffic. After resting up and de-stressing, I took them to Eastern Market the next morning.


I love Eastern Market. The Eastern Market is DC’s oldest public, fresh food market, and it’s been operating for over 130 years. It’s located inside and around a building that was constructed in 1873 (which you can see on the right of the picture above). This building was nearly destroyed by a fire in 2007, but it has been totally restored and re-opened in 2009. During those two years, the market kept on operating, but in temporary quarters nearby.


At the market you can find all sorts of fresh foods, including fish, meats and cheeses. Above you can see Aunt Becky, Clare, and Grandma deciding what to buy from the Market’s bakery. We ended up each getting a lemonade and a cookie, both of which were great on a warm day. My grandmother also bought me a beautiful pearl necklace and matching bracelet from one of the vendors. He told us that the pearls are freshwater pearls caught off the coast of China, and he’s been selling jewelry made from them at the Market for ten years now. If you’d like to learn more about the history of Eastern Market, I’d recommend this episode of the Kojo Nnamdi Show, called Eastern Market and DC’s Food Culture.

Later that day we picked up my mom from Union Station and headed out to Silver Spring for dinner and a movie. I love downtown Silver Spring – it’s a really great area to spend an afternoon or evening, since there’s so much to do in such a small, walkable area. And the fountain with tons of little kids playing in it is pretty great!


We ate dinner at Austin Grill, mostly because it was a beautiful night and we wanted to sit outside. The food was fine, but nothing amazing, but we were really there for the company. And what company! I got to sit right next to a very charming umbrella stand, who you can see below posing with Mom.wpid-cimg8670-2010-08-16-19-30.jpg

The next night we decided to check out the monuments, figuring there would be fewer tourists on a Sunday night than a Saturday morning. We were right, although it was hardly deserted! Still, the monuments are amazing at any time of day, and I managed to get some good shots of my family.


Above you can see Mom and Grandma posing in front of the Washington Monument. We’re actually right in front of the Lincoln Memorial, which I’d never been to before. Below is the Washington Monument as viewed from the edge of my favorite memorial, the Franklin Roosevelt Memorial.

I like the FDR Memorial best because it’s so different. Unlike the other memorials, which are basically walk-up-and-look-at-a-statue memorials, the FDR Memorial is organized into four outdoor rooms (one for each of his four terms of office), each with different elements like waterfalls and smaller statues. It takes a while to work your way through, and it’s quite beautiful.

Because it was so late, we weren’t able to see everything, but the next day Clare, Grandma, and Aunt Becky went on a duck tour of DC. They loved being able to go into the Potomac River!

Living in DC is pretty great, because you never have to worry about planning a bunch of things for visiting family to do – the city has such a huge amount of free things to see and do that it’s basically all done for you!


2 Responses

  1. I love the night picture of the Washington monument from the FDR memorial- that is so beautiful! What a nice trip it was 😉

  2. good pics! it was nice seeing you and aunt prilla!!

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