And another thing

Also, I really like this hoodie. It’s awesome! The zipper is the guillotine!

Pretty clever, huh?


Stuff I like from the internet.

I have found a lot of things I want to buy recently. Unfortunately, I am not yet super-rich, and so I am reduced to the internet equivalent of window shopping. Let me share some of the stuff with you!

These adorable toys are part of Poketo’s FriendsWithYou series. They have bells inside them and wobble. I want the long one that looks like a worm!

Also from Poketo are these adorable candles. They come in a matchbook, and they last for five minutes. A set of four matchbooks is only $6 – pretty good, right?

And again from Poketo – these awesome capsule notes. They come with a strip of paper that you write on, then roll up and insert into the capsule. Then you put the capsule into the syringe and deliver it. Cute!

And from White Rabbit Press, these toy animals that transform into their Japanese characters. I love them!

And the last one, also from White Rabbit Press, a take-off of the Great Wave off Kanagawa woodcut by Hokusai, but this time with bunnies!

These things cheer me up, and I hope they cheer you up too.

What’s that deer doing there?

While driving to work the other day I glanced out of the passenger-side window and saw this:

I grabbed my camera and snapped a quick shot before having to proceed through the traffic circle. It was really weird to see a deer in such an urban area!

Soccer in the Circle

I haven’t been posting recently – sorry about that! I’ve been busy with work at my temporary job (which I just learned on Friday will not turn full-time, as the Dean denied the request for funding), and not been feeling so great. But I’m back on my feet, and ready to resume posting more regularly!

This last Saturday I went to watch the US v. England match of the World Cup in Dupont Circle. The event was organized by the same people that organized a snowball fight during the Snowpocalypse, and I’m looking forward to seeing what they’ll come up with next!

Lots of people watching the game!

They had to raise $20,000 for permits and expenses, and with donations from some businesses and individuals they were able to put two giant screens on the circle.

A view of one of the two screens.

A couple thousand people (in my estimation) watched the US/England match with me and my friends. It was really cool to see so many Americans caring about soccer, if only for 90 minutes!

American flag waving above the crowd. The USA!USA! chanting was fun!

I met up with some friends and friends-of-friends at the circle, and we had a good time watching the game. The only downside was, it was HOT! And I hate being hot.

Pals on the circle, trying not to melt in the heat.

So it was a good time, but unless the US is in the final (and probably even then!), I’ll pass on another outdoor viewing experience.