Franciscan Monastery Sale

On Saturday the Franciscan Monastery near Centro Maria had their annual plant and herb sale. I went to check it out with Margie, Sarah, and Anna.

They had tons of plants for sale!

Margie, Sarah, and Anna sniffing a flower.

The monastery was really beautiful. They had a prayer written in a bunch of different languages, including Japanese!

I can read the parts of it that aren't kanji!

The monks also had some of their famous honey for sale. They have beehives at the monastery, and the honey they make is very popular. I was really excited to buy some!I made sure that we got there right when it was suppose to open, and an hour after we got there the honey was all sold out. Luckily I was able to buy it before they ran out!

On the way to the car we saw a woman with five Yorkshire terriers. They were so cute on their leashes! We of course had to stop for some pets.

I want to go back to the monastery again and take a tour. Apparently they have a catacombs with actual bodies!

Go to my Flickr page to see more pictures of the monastery!


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