Lantern-lit Cherry Blossom Tour

When looking at the list of the cherry blossom events I was immediately drawn to something described as a “Ranger-guided Lantern-lit Cherry Blossom Walk.” I wrangled four friends and we headed down to the Washington Monument to meet up with our ranger guide.

Michelle, Sarah, Lee, and Anna at the Stone Lodge

We met our ranger, Jane, and she started to fill us in on the oldest cherry trees still living.

She was pretty long-winded.

We walked around the tidal basin learning about Japan’s gift of cherry blossoms. We saw the lantern that Japan gave later, which is lit each year during a special ceremony. The lantern has a bunch of symbols carved into it, and the gift itself is symbolic. Jane went into a lot of detail, but I can’t really remember it. 🙂

Next we saw a pagoda that Japan gave us as well.

We walked halfway around the tidal basin with Jane, and it took us two hours. Then Sarah, Anna, Lee and I walked the other half back to the car in twenty minutes. It was a good night, although I was disappointed that the “lantern” was a flashlight!


One Response

  1. Do you have a picture of the lantern lit? Or maybe it was already and just a weak flashlight? Jane seems to enjoy her job 🙂

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