Boring, I know!

I’ve been thinking lately that I haven’t posted on my blog recently, but nothing really interesting has happened lately. So here’s a short rundown of all the kind-of interesting stuff that I’ve done in the past few weeks.

1. I installed the Japanese Tattoo Persona for my Firefox browser, which I really love.

2. I’ve watched a lot of movies with the other women here at Centro Maria. I finally found a friend who appreciates my taste for zombie and vampire movies! God bless you, Maritza! 🙂 And I can usually bribe one or two other women with spinach dip (I’m looking at you, Sarah!) or cheese salsa. I really, really love spinach dip.

3. I’ve also interviewed for a temporary job at AU, but I wasn’t selected.

4. My Japanese professor had to go to Japan suddenly, and she was replaced by a professor who is much more strict with us. After we didn’t do so well on a task she gave us, she actually said “I’m disappointed in you. I feel sorry for Yoshiko-sensei.” ! I was so embarrassed! Although for me, it makes me want to work that much harder to prove to her that I’m capable. I made the sentence she assigned me more complicated, and she praised me. Hooray! 🙂

5. My car’s steering wheel started jerking back and forth one day, making me think the power steering was going out, but then it suddenly stopped and hasn’t done it since.

6. My suitemate moved out, which means I have the bathroom all to myself, which is super nice! And it helped that she moved out the day before I got food poisoning, so I didn’t have to worry about disturbing her while I nearly died, lol! I’ve put a really cute new shower curtain up, I’ve thrown out the things she left, and I’ve got a really classy AirWick air freshener that puffs some vanilla scent out every 7.5, 15, or 30 minutes plus whenever its built-in motion sensor detects motion. Basically, my bathroom is now awesome. Since the aesthetics of my spaces are very important to me, I’m feeling pretty great about it!

7. I ran for the first time in a month two weeks ago, and was planning on not pushing myself too hard. But I was surprised to find that I could run for 50 minutes without stopping! My fitness level stayed much higher than I was expecting, considering that I read in Runner’s World that you lose over half in a month! I’ve run twice since then, and am feeling nice and strong. Which is good, considering I’m planning on running the American Red Cross “Out for Blood” 5K in June, and I want to get my time down!

And that’s pretty much it! My family’s coming into town on Wednesday, except for my sister Leslie, and we’re planning on going to touristy stuff. So you know what that means – a photo post is probably coming soon!