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Hello, blog! (say like Faron Young)

Well, a lot’s happened since I last wrote here. Mostly blizzards, but also a terrible bout of food poisoning/stomach flu/being about to die. Seriously, never felt worse in my entire life. And I had swine flu for two weeks, and was in the demographic most likely to die from that! I’m beginning to think living at Centro Maria is bad for my immune system somehow…

Anyway, back on track. As most people with access to internet/news are aware, our nation’s capital has had a serious pile of crap dumped on us over the past week. Our dear city became enchanted, then incapacitated, then cranky1, then overly-confident2, then furious3, all in the span of a week and a half. Here, let me illustrate the blizzards through pictures (mostly of my beloved car-check out my Flickr photostream for pretty pics):

Friday morning (the day the blizzard hit) I went to Giant to pick up a prescription, having done my pre-snow loading up on groceries the night before. And BOY, was I glad I’d planned ahead! Here’s just one picture of the insanely long lines:

That's right, the line goes more than halfway into the long aisle. Every. single. checkout was this backed up.

Feb 5: It begins.

Two hours later, the ground is white.

Four hours after that, and the snow is still piling up.

Midday Feb 6: My car is disguised as a snowcar.

At this point, I decided to go out to take pictures. But I realized I’d left my earmuffs in my snowcar. No worries, I thought. I’ll just shovel a path to my car. And while I’m out there, why not clean the snow off the roof too?

Up to my knees!

The lonely road I shoveled.

Shoveling the snow was hard work! I never thought about it before (though it’s obvious if you do think about it for two seconds), but snow compresses the snow it lands on, meaning that the bottom is much harder to shovel than the top. But I am no quitter! I even cleared off my entire car, too!


Feb 9th I ventured out to Target to stock up on some more groceries, since we were about to get hit by a second blizzard. The streets were not yet fully cleared, as you can see:

Slightly treacherous.

The Target parking lot was pretty bad. Being a former Chi-town res, I expected there’d be parts made unusable by huge piles of plowed snow, but I was a little surprised at just how bad it was:

One car could barely fit through here, much less two cars passing each other!

Luckily for me, I didn’t need milk, because Target was completely out. Not even the little 16oz bottles were left!

Plenty of soymilk, though.

The next day we got more snow, this time accompanied by strong winds and whiteout conditions. Hooray! All the hard work put into plowing our parking lot, decimated!

My car's totally hating me for bringing her here right now.

So, to sum up – I really hate snow (although it can be pretty). There’s way too much of it, and it’s hard to stay positive as there’s yet another storm coming today – 4-8 more inches predicted. Ugh. May, where are you?!

1 cranky, as the streets weren’t plowed immediately and perfectly, and people were stuck inside homes (sometimes without power)

2 overly-confident when the government re-opened on Friday the 12th, despite anyone with sense knowing that the city wasn’t cleaned up enough yet

3 furious when workers trying to go home Friday night sat in traffic that took 20 minutes to go one block, because only two lanes of four (or four of six, etc) had been plowed, and congestion got so terrible AAA called it one of the worst commutes in history; also when a red-line train derailed during morning rush hour, causing some passengers to be stuck underground for over an hour


4 Responses

  1. And they laugh at US in Nashville???

    • Well, be fair! We did have about three feet dropped on us in less than two weeks. Plus, DC doesn’t really laugh at anyone – it’s people who moved to DC from up north who do the laughing!

  2. I feel a little proud of us in Nashville…although with as much snow as you have had I think the city might come to a standstill because everyone would be inside “hunkered down”…

  3. How do you know Faron Young???

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