Much more snow!

It snowed a lot today. We have maybe six inches on the ground, and I took the opportunity to take a bunch of pictures! So, here we go:

Compare this picture of my car to the one I took the last time I was in DC for snow:

Basilica of the National Shrine in the day

The Basilica had this guy riding around on a 4-wheeler with a snowplow attached clearing off the sidewalks:

Seems like a fun job!

They also had the world’s fastest snow-plow driver. She/he kept driving around the circle in front of the Basilica super-quickly. It was hard to get a shot of the truck that wasn’t blurry!

Fast plower.

It was really cold, so I bundled up. I wore two jackets, a hat, and the only scarf I had, which happened to be a fancy-pants decorative scarf my mom got me. But it got the job done!

Brrrrr! I was so bundled up that when I passed a woman that lives on my floor, she didn't recognize me and gave me a funny look when I said hi!

The snow is over my ankles.

The Basilica at night.

For some more pics, check out my Flickr stream.

When I got through taking pictures I was covered in snow! I had to shake out my jeans in the tub, because big hunks of snow had somehow lodged themselves along the bottoms. It took me probably half an hour to warm up completely. I predict church will be canceled!


2 Responses

  1. Such neat pictures, so beautiful! I really need one of those snowplow things on my street…we’re still frozen over. I can’t believe she didn’t recognize you…I could tell by your eyes. 🙂

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