CoHi Panda

I went to the Columbia Heights Panda Express on MLK Day. Columbia Heights is a really busy area. There were a lot of people on the sidewalk selling things. One man was selling paintings – very European!

The food at Panda was disappointing at first. Like everyone who goes to Panda, I got the orange chicken. Unfortunately, I got the last orange chicken before a fresh batch was brought out. That meant that mine was chewy and not tasty, which was such a bummer for me, who had been thinking about that orange chicken for weeks! But my friend Michelle told me hers was good, which encouraged me to ask for a new order, which the nice woman working there gave me. This new order was the orange chicken I know and love, so I was happy!

Michelle showing off her drinking skillz. Notice the two plates of orange chicken in front of me.

After feasting on pseudo-Chinese fast-food, Michelle and I headed to Target. The CoHi Target is huge – it’s got two stories, and my favorite – shopping cart escalators! Check it out:

Nice, right?

DCUSA (the mall in which Target is located) was pretty nice. They have a Best Buy, a Bed Bath and Beyond, a Payless, and a couple other stores. Everything looks bright and new, which is probably because it just opened in 2008. The streets around DCUSA are still under construction, and so traffic is often a total mess, which is why this Target probably won’t replace my go-to PG Plaza Target anytime soon. But I’ll certainly brave some traffic for Panda – yum!


6 Responses

  1. I want more pictures of Lauren!

  2. Yeah. Me too!

  3. Right! Give Michelle the camera!

  4. More Lauren! More Lauren! More Lauren! More Lauren! More Lauren! More Lauren! More Lauren! More Lauren! More Lauren! More Lauren!

  5. Well… it seems I’m not alone. You must respect your readers and give them what they want, Lauren.

    • Lol! I can see your email and IP addresses, goofball! Plus, the pic beside your comment is generated automatically by email address, so the fact that it’s the same on all five comments is a giveaway.

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