Rock Creek Park and Zombies

So, I’ve been watching a lot of zombie movies lately, and thinking about the best ways to prepare in order to stand a good chance of surviving the inevitable zombie apocalypse. One of those ways is by practicing running, and while doing that in Rock Creek Park recently I noticed this:

Here’s a close-up, in case you don’t see what made me stop in my tracks:

That’s right, it’s a creepy cage. Now, most people would say that it’s put there to keep debris and/or teenagers from going into that pipe. But those people would be swallowing the lie – it’s probably really there to keep the zombies from getting out of the sewers and devouring us.

I also saw some not-scary things on my run. For instance, the world’s smallest iceberg:

And an illustration of the “bridges freeze first and unfreeze last” principle (I took this picture for you, Leslie!)

And a sight that was all-too familiar to me, as someone who thrice survived a Chicago winter:

How thoughtful of the plow to dump it all right on the path

That pile of snow will take weeks and weeks to melt, getting dirtier and more unsightly all the while. Hooray!


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  1. You crack me up!

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