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My little guinea pig died today. She’d been a little weak for a while, started eating less of her favorite foods, but today apparently she began shaking, and Leslie and my dad tooke her to the vet. She didn’t even last the thirty-minute drive there.

I’m heartbroken. I have cried buckets of tears today. I feel so sad, and I keep wondering if I could have saved her somehow. She wasn’t old for a guinea pig – if I had taken her to the vet while I was home for Christmas, when I knew something was wrong because she was eating less and sleeping more – maybe if I had gotten her checked out we could have saved her.

But it’s too late now, and my sweet little guinea pig is gone. So I’m going to post some of my favorite pictures and reminisce a little  bit.

We had Charlie for a little over a year before we decided to get a cagemate for her. Guiena pigs are happiest when they have a friend living with them, and we saw firsthand how having a friend (and a good-sized cage) could improve a piggy’s attitude. Charlie used to bite like crazy when we tried to get her out, but after bringing Lola home and making the correct-sized cage, she became very sociable.

I found Lola on petfinder.com. Her mom was rescued while pregnant, and Lola was on the site for adoption. She was pictured with her brothers and sisters, but I picked her out immediately. I said to myself, “There’s the one – the black and orange little girl piggy.” Leslie, Daniel and I drove to Kentucky to pick her up. She was so small! She could fit entirely in the palm of my hand. We brought her home and introduced her to Charlie, and there was no fighting – probably because Lola was such a baby that Charlie didn’t see her as a threat. Lola immediately began to follow Charlie everywhere she went, something she continued to do for the rest of her life! She was a nervous little piggy, and was happiest when Charlie was with her.

Because she had a nervous disposition, she loved hiding under things. If there was something she could burrow under, she’d do it in a second!

Can you see Lola? She's doing a pretty good job of hiding!

When she was little, she loved to lay in this tube:

But eventually she grew too big for it.Because she was often sickly (she had a wheeze that antibiotics could never clear up, although she loved to take them anyway – I guess they tasted good!), I bought her a snuggly from a seller on etsy.com. It was great – it was a little place that she could hide in and stay warm at the same time – and even better, it was too small for Charlie so Lola could have it all to herself!

But we didn’t think through the fact that keeping fabric in a cage meant that the snuggly would get really dirty really quickly. So eventually we upgraded to igloos, which the piggies loved.

Mom says that during Lola’s last week, she and Charlie shared the same igloo, even though they each have their own. I like to imagine that Charlie knew Lola was sick, and was snuggling with her to comfort her. There must have been some reason for Charlie to share with Lola, because those two piggies did not fit well in one igloo.

Tight squeeze!

The piggies loved to sleep on my bed, behind the screen of my laptop. I spent countless hours with them there – me surfing the web, them sleeping next to my warm computer.

My computer screen from my point of view

What was behind the screen after I closed it - sleepy piggies

It doesn’t feel like she’s really gone. I always thought she’d die before Charlie, but 2 1/2 years is still young for a guinea pig.

Lola, you were a precious piggie, with your own sweet personality. You were skittish and fragile, but sweet through and through – never biting us, even when we were so mean to you (like when we would clip your nails or bathe you! 🙂 ). I will really, really miss you, little pig.

Pig close-ups

I love you, sweet piggy.


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  1. That was a wonderful, sweet, funny tribute. She was a sweet little piggy. ILYM

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