Wendy’s/Goodwill Promotion

DC-area Wendy’s are partnering with Goodwill for a kind of fundraiser. If you buy a Frosty keychain for $1, you get unlimited free Jr Frosties for all of 2010 (with a purchase, and at participating Wendy’s).

This is an incredible deal, since the Jr Frosties are normally 79 cents, and they are my favorite size Frosty. So I hurried over to my neighborhood Wendy’s and got one of those keychains. They’re pretty cute – they’re shaped like a Frosty, but they’re nice and flat so I could put it on my keyring without adding extra bulk/annoyance when carrying my keys. Take a look:

Front of the Frosty tag

Back of the tag, showing the rules for the promotion

I took those pictures with the camera on my phone, which, it turns out, is way better for taking close-up pictures than my actual camera. I cannot get my camera to focus on the item in close up – it always focuses on the background. It’s very annoying.

But anyway, so far I’ve used the keychain to get a free Frosty twice, and it was awesome. I love this promotion!


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