After hearing about the blizzard that hit DC recently, I was very grateful to have driven to Nashville before it hit. Hearing that they basically closed Reagan National for 24 hours made me think back to my flight home for Thanksgiving, and I remembered a post I meant to write, so here it is!

I flew to Nashville on a gray and drizzly day. I thought the contrast between the dismal weather on the ground and the bright blue skies we flew through was pretty cool, so I took some pictures.

The contrast between flying into Nashville and flying into DC was pretty cool, too. Here’s Nashville:

Lots of open space, low density housing.

Here’s DC:

Lights as far as the eye can see!

Also, the Washington Monument and Capitol!

Plus the Jefferson Memorial!

The closest Nashville came to beating this view was this little tiny truck that looked like a Matchbox car:

The Percy Priest Dam was pretty good too.

But this –

– this is pretty awesome.


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