More Cupcakes

During our Thanksgiving wanderings around Chicago, we stopped in at a random Italian restaurant (kind of like Fazoli’s, but not Fazoli’s). While we were there, one of the cashiers recommended we try out a cupcake place one street over. We were really glad we took his advice!

Once we got there I realized it was More Cupcakes, a bakery that I had read about online in a couple of different places.

I was excited to try a cupcake already, but when we got inside we found out they were having a giveaway – the first twenty people to come in got a box of four regular-sized cupcakes for free!

The free cupcakes - double chocolate, red velvet, salted caramel, and their eponymous More cupcake (chocolate with a cream filling)

Our family also got a set of six mini cupcakes, which we ate almost immediately – they were delicious!

I’d definitely recommend More cupcakes – they were friendly, and the cupcakes were very tasty!


One Response

  1. They were so good and it was so much fun that we all got the mini’s! They traveled well too. I think my fav was the one with the creme inside, very yummy!

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