Merry Christmas!

My Christmas so far has been great. My sister’s boyfriend was visiting when I got home, and he helped with baking enough treats for the three parties my mom was planning.

Pretty good gingerbread house, huh?

We had some family over for lunch on Sunday, and a party for our neighbors on Sunday night. Then we had family on my dad’s side over for dinner on Monday night. My two cousins are chefs, and one of them fixed these fantastic steaks, along with asparagus and a bouer blanc sauce. It was so good!

Getting ready to inhale those steaks. Daniel had three by himself!

My family celebrated our official Christmas early (on Tuesday), because my parents and brother went to Florida on Thursday to help my grandmother move up here to Nashville. My sister and I stayed behind, and on Christmas Eve we went to our favorite Chinese restaurant for lunch. For dinner we went to my aunt and uncle’s house and made our traditional rice and curry after going to their Christmas Eve service. It was a really laid-back, fun Christmas.

Our Christmas tree.

Those presents are alive!


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  1. And they left little presents under the tree too! They look like they really enjoyed being there, sweet piggies.

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