Zoolights 2009

About a week ago I went to the zoo for their holiday light spectacular – Zoolights! The zoo puts up a bunch of lights, and opens at night for people to walk through and catch the holiday spirit. I went with a friend from Centro Maria, and we tried not to freeze while we checked out the sights. Here are some of my favorite pictures.

The small mammal house

Look at that cute baby elephant!

Path to the big cats (who were not out, boo)

Sleeping Tai Shan - he's going back to China soon. 😦

I used to sleep like that when I was a kid - half on the bed.

There were a surprising number of people dressed up like animals. The Coca-Cola polar bear was there taking free pictures:

And there was this guy:

Creepy, right?

But all in all Zoolights was pretty fun. Not sure it was worth $8, but I’m glad I went just to see what it was like.


One Response

  1. You didn’t get a picture with the Coca-Cola bear? How fun it all looks. You did sleep that way on the bed…but only once…looks like this panda guy has a habit…how funny!

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