My Holiday Decorations

I’m a nester. The aesthetics of my living space are very important to my happiness and well-being. Whenever I move into a new space, I am unable to sleep until I have arranged the furniture in the optimal configuration, and have all of my lamps/rugs/pictures in the right place. Yeah, this is weird, I know. But, being a nester also means I love holiday decorations! And, with a little help from my mom, I’ve got great ones.

I LOVE window clings. One year my mom bought me a set that remains unparalled in its awesomeness. It was a Christmas tree, with individual ornaments, a star, and presents. Fantastic! After hearing me reminisce about that cling for the umpteenth time, my mom surprised me with these sweet clings. Now Santa and Frosty are hanging out in my room!

Stocking (and crucifix).

Mom also bought me this great stocking from Old Navy. I love it! There are deer, birds, and a Christmas tree made out of the deers’ antlers. Sweet!

I got Christmas lights at Home Depot to complete my decorations. I put a strand around the outside so I could see them with the blinds closed, and a strand around the inside so they could be seen from outside with the blinds closed. Covering all my bases!

It looks pretty festive at night, if I do say so myself!

You can kind of see the stocking from outside, too!


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  1. You rock! They are so cute and warm and fun! I bet the other residents are so jealous! Glad you are on your way home! ILYM

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