Centro Maria Christmas Party

Friday night we had our Christmas party here at Mosaic. I helped decorate again – mostly wrapping garlands around columns. I had a really good time. We gathered first in the basement hall for chips and salsa, some cheese pizza, and lemonade.We played some holiday games (including one where there are pictures representing carols, and you have to guess which carol goes with which picture – that was really fun!). Apparently there was also a Secret Santa, which I didn’t know about until yesterday, so the people who participated exchanged their gifts. One of the young women told us about the symbolism behind the 12 Days of Christmas, which was really interesting. Then we headed upstairs for dinner in our beautifully-decorated dining room. It was a pretty great celebration, and I had fun talking and laughing with my housemates, and meeting some for the first time!

The basement hall, decorated for Christmas! Nobody sat in that circle, though.

We all sat over here, on the couches.

The snack spread

Bad picture of the dining room decked out for Christmas. I decorated that tree in the back all by myself!


One Response

  1. It looks so festive and the couches are definitely a better choice than the chairs! Looks like there was much good fellowship!

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