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Thanksgiving 2009

Yeah, this is a little late, but it’s still before Christmas, right? Yes! So here’s a post about how much fun I had during Thanksgiving!

A lot of my family was there – Aunt Becky and Uncle David, Aunt Mary and Uncle Keith, Aunt Tara and Uncle Brock, my grandma, my cousins Betsy, Aaron, Preston, Jessi, Hannah, Brock, Emily, Mara, Megan, Austin, and of course me, my mom and dad, and Leslie and Daniel. We took over a conference room at the hotel for Thanksgiving dinner:

Betsy’s kids Megan and Austin made this awesome banner:

Pretty sweet, right?

After dinner we played a family trivia game. My mom brought these clickers and software she uses at work, so we made a Powerpoint program with the questions, and everyone entered their answers with their clickers. It was fun!

Trivia game action shot!

On Black Friday we went downtown on the Metra. We practiced the respected, age-old tradition of craning our necks every 20 seconds to see if the train was coming yet.

We also posed for pictures:



Then we hit the town. Watch out Chicago – a big group of slightly-crazy and definitely loud Merchants are coming around!

We headed right over to the Water Tower to eat at Wow Bao, then we wandered around shopping for hours. Eventually we went to Macy’s, which used to be Marshall Fields. It’s really really a shame that they didn’t just continue calling it Marshall Fields, and changed it to Macy’s (which is not special and local) – but that’s the topic of another post. The Macy’s has like eight floors, and we always ride the escalators.

There are cousins and Aunties down there!

The Macy’s is decorated to the hilt for Christmas. It’s beautiful.

Giant ornaments on the main floor

Christmas tree outside the Walnut Room, the fancy restaurant inside Macy's.

Uncle Mistletoe - a beloved Holiday character I'm grateful to have never heard of before.

Outside Macy's

After Macy’s we hotfooted it to Ogilvie Transportation Center to catch the train back to the suburbs.

That's some serious popcorn Leslie's eating.

Cheese and caramel popcorn mixed – a very dangerous combination. Garrett’s Popcorn – also a Chicago tradition.

That's some serious loot! Including a gift bag from More cupcakes - look for a post on that soon!

Thanksgiving was great. I love getting together with my family. We may be large, we may be loud, we may be rowdy, we may be a restaurant’s worst nightmare, but we really love each other. And that’s what counts.


3 Responses

  1. I am just smiling, it was so much fun! Next year let’s hope the Hickmans, Bavi and others will join us! Just a little bitty correction…the tree was INSIDE the Walnut Room at Marshall Field’s/Macy’s. We definitely need to resurrect eating there again!

  2. We will sure try, looked like fun

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