Giant Food

The grocery store I frequent is called Giant Food. When I mentioned going there, my mom made a joke about how it only sells food that is giant. This made me laugh for a very long time, even though typing it out makes it seem not that funny. Just trust me, it was funny.

On Black Friday I went to the Hershey store in downtown Chicago, where I saw this:

That’s right – my mom’s favorite candy, in giant form! Reese’s peanut butter cups as big as your hand! A full 8 ounces of peanut butter cup! No one would buy them for me, since they were $15, but I’m hoping to get one in my stocking. Even though I probably would never eat them, and they’d just sit in my room for years – seems worth it to me!

The Hershey store had a lot of giant stuff. There was the giant chocolate syrup bottle bank, a giant Hershey kiss, and of course the huge Hershey bars. You could begin quite the collection of giant food!


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  1. Did I tell you that our Christmas tree in the church lobby is decorated with giant fruit and pine cones? You would love them. The pine cones are the length of my elbow to the tips of my fingers. I bet Giant would love to carry them. 🙂

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