I woke up this morning to snow! We’re forecast to get 1-3 inches of snow today, but so far it’s not sticking to the roads so they’re in good shape. It’s just piling up on lawns and trees and cars! I wish I could post some good pictures, but I left my camera charger at home over Thanksgiving and it’s still in the mail. So I’ll have to make do with camera phone pictures.

Snow seen through my window. Check out my Christmas lights! I'll post about those later.

My car. Do you think my car missed snow after being in Nashville a few winters, or is it thinking, "Oh crap, not this stuff again!" I know which one I'm thinking.

I read today that it has snowed on December 5th in five of the last seven years. I also read a lot of posts about the snow forecast. Alert DC has now sent me five emails about it, all the major DC blogs I read have posted about it, and the WaPo’s transportation blog has posted several warnings, along with tips for how to drive around without dying. All of this fuss made me seriously overestimate the mayhem that might occur today. I know 1-3 inches is not that much, but maybe DC is totally lacking in the infrastructure necessary to handle even such a small snowfall? What if the DC drivers lose their minds and have no idea how to drive in snow? What if the roads are covered and there are no salt trucks for a couple days? In short – what if DC handles snow like Nashville, instead of like Chicago?

So, I freaked out a little. I have to admit, I was one of the ones at Giant last night, loading up on food. Although, instead of a cartload of groceries, six gallons of milk, five loaves of bread, and thirty cans of food, stocking up for me meant two frozen dinners, another half gallon of milk, and another box of Cocoa Pebbles. Oh, and some wintergreen Tic-Tacs as a treat.

Short side story: I was behind two people in line to check out. The woman who was checking out had a huge amount of stuff. AND she had to pay for it in three separate orders. AND she had like a thousand coupons. AND she was a slow mover. Seriously, it was unbelievable how long it took for her to check out. She was mostly done when I got in line, and I must have stood there for fifteen minutes! And then the woman who was next had a big order as well, but I was STILL in my car leaving before the first woman put her cart in the cart corral! What the heck, lady?

Anyway, after getting groceries I filled up my tank with gas. I also decided not to go to a tea thrown by a woman at Mosaic, since it was at noon which was when the snow was supposed to start. And I did not want to get stuck out with a spare tire if the roads went bad! So I came back to Centro Maria ready to hunker down and feeling pretty prepared for anything DC weather could throw at me. And then when I woke up and saw that the snow wasn’t sticking to the roads, I realized I should have trusted my instincts that it was going to be no big deal. I lived in Chicagoland for three years, for goodness’ sake! I can handle some wintry mix!


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  1. Your lights and the snow in the background are so festive! I love how DC has those alerts. We could use that in Nashville. I do think you succumbed to the “hunker down” threat but managed it pretty well. Only a half gallon of milk! I heard G’ville now has an alert service…ILYM

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