Cafe Asia

Monday night was the last class session for Introductory Japanese I at the Graduate School. After our final exam (which I feel pretty confident about), we all went to Cafe Asia for dinner. I love my Japanese class. We have so much fun together, laughing and joking, so I knew dinner would be a good time.

Cafe Asia is at 17th and I. It’s got dishes from several different Asian cuisines (Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, and Thai from what I saw), and it’s got a sort of modern design that was pretty cool.

All of us ordered Japanese dishes, except, ironically, our Japanese professor, who ordered pad thai. I had pork ramen, and it came in a huge bowl. There was enough for maybe three people! I kept finding new things in there. I’d poke around with my chopsticks, and find some fish cakes. Then I’d find some scallions. Then some noodles, then some pork, and then some white long things and some green leafy things. It was an adventure. Also, I ate the soup with chopsticks! I kind of had to, since my Japanese prof was right there. Eating noodles with chopsticks involves a lot of slurping, and it’s a little messy. I like spoons.

The server offered to pack up my leftovers, but I wasn’t too sure about how they would pack up soup (and how I’d have room to store it in the packed fridge on my floor!), so I declined. The ramen was pretty good, but next time I think I’ll try the chicken instead of the pork.

Those half-circles are fish cakes. They taste exactly like you'd think fish cakes would taste.

The other people in my group ordered yakisoba (wheat noodles and stuff), yaki udon (rice noodles and stuff), and tonkatsu (fried pork cutlets), and several people ordered some sushi. It all looked good! And we had a great time, although we missed Rae, who was packing to fly to Japan the next day. All of us have planned to take the next level Japanese class next semester, and I’m really hoping that it’s just the six of us again cause it’s been so much fun. Here’s a picture of us right before we eat (Valerie’s got her “thinking cap” on – I wish I’d brought one for the exam!):

I'm taking the picture, obviously. Note the giant ramen bowl.


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