Yesterday I flew into Nashville, and tried to snuggle the piggies as much as possible. Today, my family and I drove to Chicago (well, Warrenville specifically) to celebrate Thanksgiving.

We’ve been coming to Chicago for Thanksgiving since 2004, the first year I was at Wheaton College. Since there were two kids at Wheaton (me and my cousin Brandon), and since Chicago is a good meeting place for TN, OH, and MN relatives, it made sense to have Thanksgiving here. We’ve had it at the same Residence Inn in Warrenville every year, and the staff here know our family well by now! The Residence Inn is great – it’s always very clean, the staff is really friendly, and all the rooms have a fridge, a dishwasher, a microwave, and at least a stove. Some have ovens, and we always make sure that at least one family gets a room with an oven in order to cook the turkey and other things.

On Friday we’ll take the Metra train downtown and shop around a little. We usually eat at Wow Bao for lunch, which is a really cool restaurant that serves baozi. They’re doughy dumplings with a variety of fillings – teriyaki, curry, etc. They’re really yummy! We also usually go to the German Christmas fair downtown, and then we usually all eat at a restauarant together for dinner. Then Saturday everyone heads home.

Thanksgiving in Chicago is great. It’s a chance to see relatives that we probably wouldn’t otherwise see – like the MN relatives who live a 20-hour drive away! It’s sad that more of the cousins couldn’t come this year. We’re really missing them! But we’re going to have a lot of fun!


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  1. I wish Chicago were closer for us, its 17 hours and a 2 day drive (sniffle sniffle). Hard for us Floriday folks to get there on a 4 days weekend.

  2. I cant type today, but you get the idea, haha

    • Haha! I was wondering if “Floriday” was some cool new slang I hadn’t heard! But yeah, it’s hard to believe that you have never joined us in Chicago for Thanksgiving! You would have so much fun. It is a long drive, that’s true, but if you left Wednesday you would get in Thursday morning, and everybody leaves on Saturday anyway. Too bad there’s no FL to Chicago train – that would be a great way to travel!

      • Actually, I just checked, and there is a train – in Lakeland even! I did a trip plan, and it would cost you $142 to take the train from Lakeland to Chicago. Well, actually, bus from Lakeland to Orlando, then trains. BUT, it would take 43 hours and 45 minutes!!! Insane! You would go crazy being stuck on a train for so long!

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