Three Things

1. I got the H1N1 vaccine on Friday. AU finally got a shipment in, and they were distributing it free to all staff/faculty/students who were members of a priority group. I got the LAIV (live attenuated intranasal vaccine). They sprayed some stuff up each of my nostrils, and told me I was comletely vaccinated. Hooray! I’m pretty sure I already had the swein flu a few weeks ago (especially since NPR told me that if you had a flu-like illness, it’s almost certain it was H1N1 since swine flu has crowded out the seasonal flu), but I wanted to be on the cautious side since I’m flying home for Thanksgiving. And what I had was awful, so I want to try and avoid getting sick like that ever again!

2. I went running in Rock Creek Park yesterday, and I ran into my very first horse on the trail! It was kind of exciting. Here’s a picture:

3. Walking to church today I saw two black squirrels. They were really cool-looking – totally jet black. A little creepy, but mostly cute.

Aah! It's looking right at me!


One Response

  1. Black squirrels are so cool! I think they have them in Michigan as well and Brevard, NC has white squirrels I believe. What a treat! The leaves are looking like Tennessee leaves, winter is coming…sigh.

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