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Feeling better!

Well, I got the flu or something two weeks ago, and I’m just now back to feeling 95% well. It was basically insane. I had a fever for three days, then a sore throat and cough and unhappy tummy for seven days, then I got some antibiotics which helped clear up the sore throat, but I still have a cough. I really hate being sick! But now that I’m feeling better I’ll start posting more things more consistently. Hopefully.

As a start – I have a job interview tomorrow! It’s for an administrative assistant position at AU, and I’m really excited to be interviewing. I know I still probably won’t get the job, but I’m feeling hopeful! I got my hair cut in preparation. I asked the lady to cut off 3 inches, and instead she cut off 5-7 inches, with some pieces of hair being much shorter than the rest. I was unhappy. But I bought a flat-iron and dyed my hiar blonder, and I’m pretty pleased with how it looks now. It’s passably professional! And hopefully tomorrow I will be too!


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  1. Whoo hoo!!!! 🙂

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