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Chili Cook-off!

This past Sunday, Mosaic held its annual chili cook-off as part of its All Saints’ Day celebration. It was a great time!

There were ten a bunch of chilis entered into the competition. So many crock pots!

CIMG6309There was also a nice dessert table, and a lot of fixings for the chilis.


There was even a mince pie, which confused everyone!


Lots of delicious cornbread, which was my and Michelle's favorite part!

Pastor Rob explained the contest – everybody tastes, and everybody votes.


Pastor Rob explaining. He is big on gestures!

We all got ballots:


I also got cornbread.

After eating, we voted and put our ballots in the pot:


The winner got this fancy trophy:


The trophy

My favorite chili was one with sausage in it. I think that I liked it best because I don’t like chili, and this didn’t really taste like chili. Unfortunately, mine didn’t win. The winner was smoked chili. It wasn’t too big of a surprise, cause it was also the first chili to be completely eaten!


The chili master accepting his prize. He also got some kind of chili pot, but not the one we put our votes in.

I had a great time. Lots of people stayed for the cook-off, and even though we had to move inside because of the rain, everyone had fun!


The balloons are so festive, right?


More chili eaters!

I really love Mosaic Church, and I’m so glad to have found it!


One Response

  1. That trophy is really cool. What a neat group of folks, glad you took pictures of the people. ILYLM

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