Yesterday I flew into Nashville, and tried to snuggle the piggies as much as possible. Today, my family and I drove to Chicago (well, Warrenville specifically) to celebrate Thanksgiving.

We’ve been coming to Chicago for Thanksgiving since 2004, the first year I was at Wheaton College. Since there were two kids at Wheaton (me and my cousin Brandon), and since Chicago is a good meeting place for TN, OH, and MN relatives, it made sense to have Thanksgiving here. We’ve had it at the same Residence Inn in Warrenville every year, and the staff here know our family well by now! The Residence Inn is great – it’s always very clean, the staff is really friendly, and all the rooms have a fridge, a dishwasher, a microwave, and at least a stove. Some have ovens, and we always make sure that at least one family gets a room with an oven in order to cook the turkey and other things.

On Friday we’ll take the Metra train downtown and shop around a little. We usually eat at Wow Bao for lunch, which is a really cool restaurant that serves baozi. They’re doughy dumplings with a variety of fillings – teriyaki, curry, etc. They’re really yummy! We also usually go to the German Christmas fair downtown, and then we usually all eat at a restauarant together for dinner. Then Saturday everyone heads home.

Thanksgiving in Chicago is great. It’s a chance to see relatives that we probably wouldn’t otherwise see – like the MN relatives who live a 20-hour drive away! It’s sad that more of the cousins couldn’t come this year. We’re really missing them! But we’re going to have a lot of fun!


Three Things

1. I got the H1N1 vaccine on Friday. AU finally got a shipment in, and they were distributing it free to all staff/faculty/students who were members of a priority group. I got the LAIV (live attenuated intranasal vaccine). They sprayed some stuff up each of my nostrils, and told me I was comletely vaccinated. Hooray! I’m pretty sure I already had the swein flu a few weeks ago (especially since NPR told me that if you had a flu-like illness, it’s almost certain it was H1N1 since swine flu has crowded out the seasonal flu), but I wanted to be on the cautious side since I’m flying home for Thanksgiving. And what I had was awful, so I want to try and avoid getting sick like that ever again!

2. I went running in Rock Creek Park yesterday, and I ran into my very first horse on the trail! It was kind of exciting. Here’s a picture:

3. Walking to church today I saw two black squirrels. They were really cool-looking – totally jet black. A little creepy, but mostly cute.

Aah! It's looking right at me!

Good news!

The interview I had today went really well I think! I was able to remember examples from my life to answer the questions they asked, and I think I had a good rapport with the four women who were interviewing me. I think it would be a fun place to work, and I’m feeling positively about my chances for getting the job.

Feeling better!

Well, I got the flu or something two weeks ago, and I’m just now back to feeling 95% well. It was basically insane. I had a fever for three days, then a sore throat and cough and unhappy tummy for seven days, then I got some antibiotics which helped clear up the sore throat, but I still have a cough. I really hate being sick! But now that I’m feeling better I’ll start posting more things more consistently. Hopefully.

As a start – I have a job interview tomorrow! It’s for an administrative assistant position at AU, and I’m really excited to be interviewing. I know I still probably won’t get the job, but I’m feeling hopeful! I got my hair cut in preparation. I asked the lady to cut off 3 inches, and instead she cut off 5-7 inches, with some pieces of hair being much shorter than the rest. I was unhappy. But I bought a flat-iron and dyed my hiar blonder, and I’m pretty pleased with how it looks now. It’s passably professional! And hopefully tomorrow I will be too!

Just try and tell me this isn’t the most adorable baby animal you’ve ever seen. Just try!

They sit on their mom's back!

Sometimes there's two of them!

Officer Kimberly Munley is my hero.

This article made me cry – and I am not a crier. Good on her, and good on the other soldiers who helped each other.


Guess who totally aced her Econ midterm! I did! I’m totes a genius.

And speaking of geniuses, OkCupid (an internet dating site) did an interesting survey recently, and one of the questions they asked was “Are you a genius?” The results were interesting, but not surprising. Unsurprising – 46% of men said they were geniuses, compared to 30% of women. Given stereotypes and sexism, it’s not surprising that women would be less likely to think they’re super-smart. Also unsurprising – 39% of all respondents said they were geniuses, which is not possible. As OKTrends said “2 in 5 people (and nearly half of all men!) think they are one in a thousand.” This is something that I’ve long suspected. Everyone thinks they’re above average, that they’re special. But it’s just not possible for everyone to be above average!

OK Cupid broke down the results in a map, which was pretty interesting. Green means more people think they’re a genius, and red means less. Check out Nevada!