Homemade Candy Corn!

I saw a recipe for homemade candy corn on The Kitchn, and I decided that I needed to make it for the Halloween party we’re having at church tonight. So, I went over to Michelle’s house to use her stove and countertop.

First, you make the candy dough, which involves boiling some stuff, then letting it sit, and then mixing in some other stuff. I was glad to have my experience with making fudge, because you need to take the mixture off the burner when it reaches the softball stage. The website said about 5 minutes (2.5 for the half-batch I made), but it took much less time than that, so I would have burned it if I didn’t have the fudge experience.

After you make the dough, you divide it into three parts and color one orange, one yellow, and leave the other white.


Candy corn waiting to happen

Roll a portion of each color into a long line, then smuch them together and cut into triangles. Then, you’ve got candy corn!



Fields of corn. Kinda.


Packed up and ready to go to the party!


2 Responses

  1. They look yummy! Probably much better for you than store bought kind. ILYM

  2. I don’t know it if’s better for you. It’s sugar, corn syrup, butter, powdered sugar, and powedered milk. Nothing particularly wholesome in that mix! 🙂 But tasty! And I got lots of compliments, which was nice!

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