My Trip to the Petworth Library (Picture heavy)

On Saturday I decided to check out the public library in Petworth. My mom told me that it looked pretty cool, and that it had free parking and wifi. Sign me up! Before leaving, I heard a commotion outside my window. This was the scene:

Scene outside my windowSpectators at a rugby game were fleeing to their cars, as the rain got heavier. But I’m not scared of rain! So I set out, with my trusty umbrella in hand. But not only did I run into crazy traffic (more on that later), the rain turned into this:

Downpour evidenceIt was probably as hard as the hardest rain I’ve ever driven in. But I soldiered on, because I’m not a quitter! Eventually I got to the intersection of Georgia, Kansas, and Upshur, where the library is located. I pulled into the parking lot of this building:

Petworth Library backwhich I was hoping was the Petworth Library. There weren’t any signs or anything indicating whether it was or not, so I just got out of the car and hoped for the best. The building was under construction (hence the boarded-up windows all over the place [I think]:

Boarded windows

…and apparently one of the things they are building is a little moat in the sidewalk:

MoatBut after deftly jumping across the moat (can’t stop me, construction workers!), I found my first clue that this was actually a library:

First clueA book drop! So I headed inside to get out of the rain, just like an ant. It was a pretty nice library, although it was definitely under needed renovation. It had some pretty sweet bay windows:

Note the book-spacer propping open the window. Proof that it was hot inside!

Note the book-spacer propping open the window. Proof that it was hot inside!

It was about a thousand degrees in there, so I didn’t stay long. I just checked my email, cleared my Google Reader, and then went to use the bathroom. Which turned out to be a spooky adventure. First, I went down this creepy hallway:

Creepy hallwayThen I turned, and went down this creepy staircase:

Creepy stairwayWhich led me into this creepy basement:

Creepy bathroom hallwayAnd that’s when I found out the bathroom was locked, and I had to go back upstairs to get a key. Sweet. Staff bathroom was open though –

Staff bathroom– but I wasn’t going in there. *shiver*

But I eventually got out of the Petworth Library without seeing any ghosts of librarians past or anything, and headed back home. I ran into some more traffic, and, confirming my suspicions, this sign:

Expect DelaysIt flashed between “Expect Delays” and “Howard University Event 10/24”, which is what I had suspected was the cause of the traffic. It was Howard’s homecoming on Saturday, and that was why the traffic was backed up for blocks with lots of cars and buses. I took the hint and found an alternate route back to Centro Maria, where I proceeded to procrastinate and watch 30 Rock instead of studying for my Econ midterm. It was a good day!


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  1. All good library visits include a picture of the main reading room….was it cool…as in looks not temperature!

    • There wasn’t really a main reading room. The bottom floor was divided into three sections. The middle, which was where you entered, was the circulation and reference desks. Then on the right and left there were rooms with books and tables. It was kind of disappointing. Not as awesome as the downtown Nashville library, but I am looking forward to seeing it after the renovations.

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