I like Parks and Recreation

Here’s why:

1. It’s about a woman in government with ambition (just like I want to be! Except not as doofy as Leslie Knope).

2. It’s not gross and sexist.

3. It stars/is made by Amy Poehler, who is cool.

4. It makes me laugh! For example, the a recent episode is about how nervouse Leslie is about her upcoming first date with a police officer she’s met. She goes to her friend Ann’s house, to try on outfits. Here’s a clip. I love it because I hate when people use British accents for fun, and Leslie responds to Ann’s use by using the wrong kind of British accent, which is hilarious to me. If more people used that type of accent, I might stop hating it quite so much. But probably not.

In this clip, Ann is taking Leslie on a practice date, where Ann pretends to be Dave, so hopefully Leslie can work out her nerves. As my family knows, I can relate to being unable to find the right words.

And here, Leslie has gone over to Dave’s house, drunk, to let him know how not nervous she is about their date the next night. Very smooth.

So, in conclusion, everybody watch Parks and Recreation so it’s popular and doesn’t get canceled!

P.S. I totally made those clips myself, which required me to import the episode into iMovie, cut each clip and export each of them separately, then upload them each separately to YouTube. So you can see how much I love my readers! And you’re welcome. 😉

P.P.S. YouTube shut down the middle clip (which was also the funniest! 😦 ), so I changed the link to Photobucket, where hopefully you’ll be able to see it now.


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