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Not a good day for Metro

Why is it always the Red Line?!

Smoke filling Metro Center after a fire on the tracks

This morning, a Metro train’s shoes literally fell off. Apparently, shoes connect the train to the 3rd rail, and one of the cars on the Red Line lost a shoe. For some reason this caused a fire, and of course, massive delays on the Red Line. One Twitterer reported being stuck in a tunnel for 45 minutes! As a claustrophobic, that absolutely terrifies me!

So I figure maybe I’ll rely on buses. After all, they don’t go in tunnels, and if they break down, you just hop off. No worries!

Except this morning, a Metrobus hit another pedestrian. This woman was was crossing the street after exiting a different Metrobus when the bus barreled down the road and flung her through the air. She’s currently in the hospital with life-threatening injuries. UPDATE: I just read a report that the woman who was hit has died. That’s really sad. Are we now going to have an unprecedented fall of tragedy? I chose a great time to move here, huh?

Maybe no public transportation is safe? Is NY’s subway this bad? Somehow I doubt it…


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