Mosaic Face to Face Group

Saturday night I went to the first meeting of the “face to face” group at Pastor Rob’s house. It’s basically a small group/house church type thing. We got together and had dinner (spaghetti :(, BUT someone was vegetarian and brought pesto sauce, so I had some pasta with pesto! yay!). After dinner, we got down to churchin’.

We’re watching Nooma videos and then discussing them. The Nooma videos were created by Rob Bell, the teaching pastor at Mars Hill Bible Church. They’re like mini-sermons, shot cinematically. Tonight we watched Rain. (Here’s a link to the full version of Rain on YouTube if you’d like to watch it, too)

In it, Rob tells a story of walking with his baby son in the woods. Halfway through their walk, it began to rain, and his son started crying. So Rob took him out of the backpack carrier and held him close, comforting him. He uses that situation as an allegory for how God comforts us when we go through storms in our lives.

I thought it was very enjoyable, and I was touched by the film. We had a good discussion afterward as well. I think Mosaic is a good fit for me spiritually, as the pastor is definitely not one of those “Everything that happens to you is God’s Will” kind of people, and for the same reasons that I am not. And the other people there were very friendly, and I felt pretty comfortable. So I’m liking Mosaic so far!


3 Responses

  1. We have the Nooma Rain DVD in our library. I’m excited to view it but it’ll probably be better viewing on the computer but then Dad and Daniel can’t watch it at the same time…So glad that the Mosaic folks are a good fit for you. I can hear those helicopter blades rotating…

    • Lol! It was fun to watch the DVD at home. We have another face-to-face this Saturday. I’ll let you know which DVD we watch, and you can see if you want to watch it too.

  2. Love Rob Bell, we see a lot of his videos in Sunday school

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