Just when I thought the saga was over…

… my a/c is out again! I woke up Saturday morning to an unusually warm room. I checked the thermostat – 76 degrees?! What? I went over and felt the air blowing out of my a/c – nope, definitely not icy cool. What’s going on? I decided to see if it was my imagination, or alternately if the air would fix itself while I was out. I went to run (4.76 miles, thankyouverymuch!), eat, and go to my face to face group (not necessarily in that order), and left the a/c blowing lukewarm air.

When I got back, it was even hotter – 78 degrees! I asked another woman on my hall if her air conditioner was working. She said they turned the a/c off today, and she doesn’t know why. So, I think there are two possible reasons:

1. The sisters hate me.

2. It’s now “fall” and “no air conditioning time,” and the a/c will not be back on until late spring.

I really hope that number 2 is not the reason, because it is not cool enough outside to be cool enough in my room without having the window all the way open 24/7. So, I’m back to having people able to see into my room all the time (since the blinds must be up), and dealing with the light coming in from the streetlights at night and the sun in the morning. I can’t tell you how great it was to sleep with the blinds closed and the a/c on!

I do not think it is a great idea to have one main switch in the building that turns the climate from a/c to heat. We had that in high school, and it always meant several weeks in the fall and spring where it was way too hot, but the a/c wasn’t turned on yet. For some reason, it never seems to be the case that there is a time when it’s too cold, but the heat’s not on yet. (Boo! I’d be happy with that – I’m basically a polar bear or something! Maybe a sabre-toothed tiger – those are more interesting). And really, I’ve only had a/c for about a week – I’m not ready to give it up! So let’s hope that this is just for the weekend.

Rar! I like to be cold!

Rar! I like to be cold!

UPDATE: It looks like there may be a third reason. Today, two rooms were opent that are usually closed, and I could see that the ceiling is still missing in them where the pipes burst. So it’s possible that they turned the a/c off while they work on that some more. I hope this is the reason, and that they turn the a/c back on soon, because it’s going to be in the 80s this week!


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  1. What’s the tiger’s name?

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