Desk Set

The "girls" in Research

The "girls" in Research

Monday night I had the pleasure of attending another movie night here at Centro Maria. The movie of the evening was Desk Set, starring Katharine Hepburn and some other people. It takes place in the research department of the Federal Broadcasting Company, where Ms. Hepburn plays Bunny Watson, the woman in charge.You can tell she’s in charge because of her very-professional first name.

It was a really fun movie! The women who make up the set (like jet set, I guess, but of the desk sort) are very concerned, because Richard Sumer (Spencer Tracy) hass come around and the rumor is he’s going to install an electronic brain to put them all out of busness! Hijinks ensue, including romance, shoes in an oven, a drunken Katharine Hepburn, and a very large philodendron. Eventually everyone learns that the electronic brain is there to help them, not replace them, and Watson and Sumner get engaged.

This electronic brain sounds terribly sci-fi and ominous, you say. What exactly is it? Are zombies involved? No! They stay in my computer game and are defeated by plants. “Electronic brain” is just an old-timey term for a computer. The electronic brain that Sumner eventually installs in the department is basically Google, if Google weren’t a webpage and were instead a huge machine that takes up an entire wall and needs to be babied.

All in all, I loved the movie! Thanks to Mom, I’ll pretty much love anything about librarians, but I think this movie was objectively good as well. And funny, too! Two thumbs up!


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