The Final Chapter

Well, my air conditioning saga is over! Today I was woken up to a knock on my door (these stories are beginning to have a theme, I think). In comes a woman who immediately walks over to the window and tells me to shut it, on orders from Sister Clara herself.

I tried to explain that the a/c was broken, but to no avail. The only response I got was “I don’t speak English. You have to shut the window. You shut the window.” We both became increasingly frustrated and sad as I tried to communicate to her about the brokenness of the a/c, and she tried to understand why I couldn’t comprehend what “I don’t speak English” means. She turned the air on and said “Yes?” I sadly said “No.” She hopefully repeated “Yes?” I despairingly replied “No.”

Luckily, she gave up on me, telling me “You talk to Sister Clara,” and walked out. On a whim, I put my hand over the vent, and lo and behold, frosty air! The air conditioner was fixed! Huzzah! Now I can freeze as much as I want to (and any of my former roomies will tell you, that’s quite a bit)!


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