Plants Vs. Zombies

I’m very angry at my favorite website. They introduced me to a game that is now sucking up all of my time. Basically, all I do during my waking hours (and mostly in my dreams as well), is play Plants Vs. Zombies. “What kind of amazing game could this be to so captivate Lauren”, you’re wondering. Well, let me tell you.

Plants Vs. Zombies (hereafter PvZ) is a defend-the-t0wer type game. You plant plants in your lawn, and they defend your house from zombies that want to eat your brains. There are 48 types of plants, and each one has a unique purpose. There are peashooters that shoot peas, wall-nuts that act as barricades, cherry bombs that blow up, and sunflowers that produce sun, which you use to buy the plants for your lawn. But wait, there’s more! Once you beat the game, there are mini-games, puzzles, and something called a zen garden. During the mini-games/puzzles/adventure mode, sometimes you get a plant that is put in your zen garden. You need to feed and water the plant, and it will grow and give you money. Sweet, right? No! This is the most addictive part!

I’ve lost hours of my life to this game. Please, don’t follow my lead! (But if you do, remember this: tall-nuts are your best friends.)


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