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Air Conditioning Saga

Yesterday I was awakened at the early hour of noon by a bunch of clanging and banging. I got up, noticed the air conditioning man’s truck in the parking lot, and went back to sleep. Then, I jolted awake to a knock on my door. The air conditioning man! He came in and fixed my air conditioning, and all was well.

Or maybe not. The air conditioner didn’t seem to be getting colder. I turned the thermostat down even more. Still, not cold. Once the thermostat in my room reached 82 degrees, I turned off the airconditioner and opened the window again. Almost immediately, it was 78 degrees. It got down to a record low of 74 overnight!

The air conditioning man was back again today, and I assumed he’d come and fix my a/c for real. But no such luck. Because I hadn’t told the sisters that mine was broken, he didn’t come fix it. But the sisters have now been told, and th a/c man will (hopefully) come tomorrow. And then my room will be super cold! I may even sleep with a blanket! How exciting!


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