Deer, Deer, Deer! I love deer!

After the last post, how about something less rage-inducing? Like….deer!

Warning: This post is not 100% happy!

So, Rock Creek park is this big park in DC. It’s more than twice the size of Central Park, and it’s got a bunch of cool stuff – a planetarium, a tennis stadium, a concert venue, and a bunch of trails and woods. There are also a lot of deer in the park. Apparently too many deer. It seems they’ve been wreaking havoc – eating stuff, stepping on other stuff, peeing on things they don’t eat, you know. The usual. And so, because of all of this stepping and eating and peeing, the Parks service has decided it is time to Take Action. Action which may include allowing professional sharpshooters in to the park to kill a bunch of deer.

To me, this seems extreme. But, what do I know? If deer were coming into my room and peeing on my stuff, I might think differently. I might also wonder how they are able to turn a round doorknob with those little hooves, and I might try to capture that on video, so as to achieve my dream of celebrity on the InterToobz. But the deer might secretly sign a reality TV contract behind my back, and then where would I be? So, in conclusion, deer are sneaky little buggers with no loyalty.


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  1. Very good! (Especially the door knob thing.)

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