Movie Night

Friday night I watched Return to Me downstairs in the TV lounge with five other women. Last Friday, we watched Music and Lyrics. I really like the roll that we’re on so far! Even though I’m not close enough to the women in the dorm to go out to dinner or out to a movie, watching movies in the basement has been really fun. It’s a no-pressure way to hang out with other human beings for a couple hours, and I think it’s been helping me stave off loneliness. I haven’t really felt homesick or lonely yet (although I have been really missing my piggies!), and I think that these movie nights, and eating dinner together, has really been a big cause of this. I’m getting to know several of the women in the building, because it’s usually the same six or seven women who eat dinner every night, and most of these women come to movie night too. So, I’m building relationships slowly but surely!


One Response

  1. Movie night sounds fun but basement movie night…not so sure! Piggies send their squeaks and purrs your way!

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