Metro – unfathomably incompetent, or just apathetic?

The big news in the DC universe right now is the closing of three Metro stations over this holiday weekend – including Reagan National Airport! The problem is not only that WMATA (Washington Metro Area Transit Authority) decided that Labor Day weekend was a great time to close three major stops, but that they gave about two week’s notice. This, on top of several other disasters (the horrible red line crash, a Metrobus hitting a joggera recent suicide, and a couple accidents) have made Metro pretty unpopular. Just search #metrofail on Twitter, and you’ll see what I mean.

The tone-deafness of GM John Catoe’s response to frustration has also been a source of annoyance. When people complained to him about the short notice, he responded with “I’m sorry that the congressmen were not aware that we sent this notification a month ago.” The press release he was referring to mentioned “major track maintenance rehabilitation program during the three-day Labor Day holiday weekend,” but did not say any stations would be closed altogether, or mention specific stations at all. Not to mention the fact that a month is hardly reasonable notice to close an airport station during a holiday!

Oh Metro, when I was here in 2007 I thought you were a dream come true. But now I know better…


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  1. The Metro has to come back to it’s former awesomeness. They have a lot of repair work to do before the trust can be built back up. I don’t understand the timing of the closing though. Doesn’t seem to be a popular choice. ILYM

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