Church Hunt

So, I got up this morning planning on visiting Mosaic, a Nazarene church in the 16th St Heights neighborhood of DC. But, I got a little bit turned around, and ended up getting there late. I decided to go try a church near AU instead, but when I got there, I chickened out because I wasn’t sure if the service had ended or hadn’t started yet, and I didn’t want to loiter like a weirdo.

I really want to find a church in DC where I fit in, because I think it will be a big help in meeting new people and making friends. It’s also important for spiritual reasons, of course, but I think it’s easier to find a good match spiritually than a good match relationally. For me, anyway, YMMV of course.

I think I will try to visit Mosaic again, but I think next week I’ll visit the National Presbyterian Church. One of their pastors, Eunice McGarrahan, graduated from Wheaton, so maybe that’s a good sign. Women pastor, plus Wheaton connection? Anyway, next week they’re introducing their adult Sunday school classes, so I think it’s a good time to go and see what’s available. I’m kinda hoping for some type of small group thing. Mosaic has a Wednesday night book club. That might be fun. I’m basically hoping for someone to assign me some friends, I guess! 🙂


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  1. That is so interesting about the woman at the National Presbyterian church, it may be a good fit but secretly I’m glad you’re going to give Mosaic another try. – Mom

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